DIS Fire Systems can offer a complete design, engineering and commissioning service on all types of Vehicle Fire Suppression systems:

  • Fire Suppression Systems.

The fire suppression system is a pre engineered, fixed nozzle system for protection of off-highway vehicles, commercial vehicles, or industrial type applications. Typical applications include surface mining equipment, underground mining machines, forest harvesting equipment, construction equipment, farming machinery, and transportation vehicles such as municipal busses.

The fire suppression system consists of three major components: a container to store the dry chemical extinguisher agent; an actuation system operated manually or automatically, and an agent distribution system which delivers the agent from the tank through hydraulic hose and fixed nozzles to the hazard areas.

The fire system described is a suppression system only and is not designed or intended to extinguish all fires, particularly when unusual amounts of combustible materials and an ample oxygen supply are present. It is extremely important that supplement fire fighting equipment be available in case the system does not totally extinguish a fire.

The basic agent storage container is a tank filled with dry chemical which is effective on Class A, B, and C fires. A gas expellant cartridge, either carbon dioxide or nitrogen, provides pressurization of the dry chemical upon actuation.

Automatic detection and actuation is recommended. The fire suppression system is actuated manually by a pneumatic actuator located on the dashboard or on the exterior of the vehicle.

The dry chemical extinguishing agent is delivered from the tank through hydraulic hose and pre-set nozzles into the fire hazard areas or onto the fire prone surfaces.
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