FM200 (HFC-227ea) Systems

The SIEX-HC™ clean agent systems offer the highest efficiency for the most diverse hazard areas. All components, from the cylinder banks to the nozzles, are developed to the highest quality assurance standards. Halocarbon gases works by TOTAL FLOODING, with discharges occurring within a few seconds. It functions primarily through the instantaneous decrease in temperature of the protected room. The drastic removal of heat causes radical fire suppression.

SIEX-HC™ is completely safe for equipment and suitable for occupied areas since it does not destroy oxygen. After discharge, the agent is removed simply by ventilating the room. To meet the different needs of the market, SIEX-HC™ provides the widest range of agents of this family. This results is a design fully adapted to the requirements of our customers, always offering the best solution for each hazard. Protection is possible using FM-200® HC-227; the safest and most reliable systems on the market, recognized by the most prestigious international certification bodies.
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This wide range enables our design team to combine the different properties of each agent with the different properties of the spaces to be protected, resulting in the optimum protection. In addition, they respond with the same efficiency as the discontinued Halon 1301 and have become its best substitute. Older installations can be adapted to these systems.

SIEX-HC™ 227 is known for its versatility in protecting the widest range of hazards and for its combination of efficiency, safety and low cost. It works by total flooding, with a very rapid discharge in less than 10 seconds. It is suitable for use in occupied areas because its extinguishing method does not reduce oxygen.

Its effectiveness in such a range of circumstances is due to the extinguishing agent used, DuPont FM-200®, which is suitable for flammable liquids, combustible solids and electrical hazards. The combination of the components of the kit enables the most reliable and cost-effective protection.

At 25 bar (360psi), 42 bar (610psi) and  55bar (798psi).

This system is pressurized with dry nitrogen, providing different pressures depending on the requirements of the hazard. SIEX-HC™ 227 systems operate at 25 bar, 42 bar and 55 bar. The different working pressures adapt to variations in the installation properties, thus covering many different hazards with the highest performance quality.

They are optimized for the protection of various isolated hazards using our selector valves. All these systems have recognized VdS, FM and UL certification, with maximum international prestige. The expertise of our designers and engineers ensures the quality of each project. We advise on every project, always offering the most suitable solution for each specific need. We have the most advanced hydraulic calculation programs including SIEX-HC™ 227 specific programming approved by VdS-FM-UL. The system design meets the ISO 14520, AS4214-2018 and NFPA 2001 standards, on which these system calculation requirements are based.
Our approach is to be the Benchmark of Quality


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