Pressure Relief Venting

The installation of Pressure Relief Dampers is a mandatory requirement under AS4214-2018, AS ISO 14520 and NFPA 2001..
DIS Fire Systems are the exclusive manufacturers of the first and only approved, Australian Made Pressure Relief Dampers and offer a wide range of Dampers and Vents to support not only the Fire Industry but also the Mechanical and Electrical Industry.
DIS Fire Systems can review the suitability of the enclosure to determine any requirements for room pressure relief venting.
Also It is necessary to verify the operation of any over / under pressurisation vents installed within the hazard area during the Commissioning phase of the installation
Finally, It is the responsibility of the building owner or structural engineer to advise the installating contractor of the strength of the protected enclosure.
Fan Testing can be used prior to the selection and installation of the Gaseous Fire Suppression System to confirm final venting requirements
PV Vent Data Sheet
Our approach is to be the Benchmark of Quality


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