Dry Chemical Suppression Systems

Not all fires are created equal. Nor do they burn with equal ferocity. For the most hazardous fires you’ll face, you need solutions up to the task. Our SIEX Dry Chemical fire suppression systems use proven technology to fight the toughest flammable liquid and gas fires. Minimize your risk with maximum fire knockdown ability


Protecting your equipment and facility can be challenging, especially in extremely hazardous areas with the risk for large fires. It’s vital to suppress the flames before they have a chance to spread or increase in size. The manual system effectively uses dry chemicals in situations not easily handled by hand portable and wheeled extinguishers.
A customized piped system is the ultimate automatic, high-tech dry chemical solution.
The ideal dry chemical system should combine the flexibility of hand portable fire extinguishers with the power to knock down large Class B (flammable liquids and gases) and Class C (electrical) fires. Featuring large agent capacity and long discharge time, the SIEX Dry Chemical Manual System offers the chance to use only the amount of agent necessary to suppress the fire. Plus, the tremendous dry chemical flow rate provides the confidence needed to fight three-dimensional fires and pressurized gas/liquid fires. In short, it’s especially effective in areas where hand portable and wheeled extinguishers may not typically provide sufficient capacity.


Based on extensive experience in fire protection analysis, manual hose-line units are recommended when you face these conditions:
  • Large fires — Class B and C fires are extremely hazardous and demand immediate knockdown ability; optional agents protect against Class A and D fires
  • Limited manpower — Can be operated by one person
  • Remote location — Self-contained units provide on-the-spot fire suppression capabilities without any pumps or external power source — plus they’re easily recharged in the field
  • Multiple hazards — One system can be equipped with selector valves to supply multiple remote hose reels; protect multiple hazards from one central location
  • DIS Fire Systems will analyse your facility, the fire risk and consider likely scenarios. We can then design a system configuration to effectively combat fire, help you consider the options and decide upon the most suitable solution for your needs
  • With DIS Fire Systems knowledge and expertise, we can recommend the most appropriate system solution for your needs
PN436875 I-101
PN24327 A101
Manual Design LDCP
F-2008107 Large Dry
F-7721 DCP Fixed Discharge Nozzles
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