About us

Our approach is to be the Benchmark of Quality and Delivery within the Industry

DIS Fire Systems Pty Ltd is a leading Manufacturer of Special Hazards Equipment throughout Australia, New Zealand and Asia Pacific, Offering complete solutions to clients of all sectors of the industry.

Business History

Originally founded in 2011 under the trading name of Design Integrity Solutions Pty Ltd, due to substantial and rapid growth within multiple sectors and international markets the decision was made in 2016 to rebrand under the new name of DIS Fire Systems Pty Ltd.

As an Authorized SIEX distributor, our partnership with KOMTES allows DIS Fire Systems’ access to an unmatched range of quality products and technical expertise to offer specialist design, project management and technical support to comply with the requirements of Australian and International Codes and Standards for all of your system requirements

DIS Fire Systems Pty Ltd Consists of registered internal fire engineers who optimise performance based designs for clients across the country and find workable and pragmatic design solutions without compromise of the life safety of building occupants. DIS Fire Systems can also undertake peer reviews, BCA Fire and Life Safety Reports and Fire and Life Safety upgrade strategies for existing building.

Our approach is to be the Benchmark of quality and Delivery within the Industry.

With over 100 years of experience within our organisation, DIS Fire Systems have Specific areas of expertise which, combined with a practical and Flexible approach, allow DIS Fire Systems to Successfully undertake a broad Spectrum of activities within the Fire industry. DIS Fire Systems has extensive experience working in the following industry sectors:

Our Capabilities:

DIS Fire Systems has extensive experience working in the following industry sectors:
  • Data Centres
  • Energy and Telecommunications
  • Power Generation
  • Oil and Gas
  • Mining
  • Marine
  • Offshore
  • Manufacturing
  • Defence
  • Government
  • Construction
  • Healthcare
  • Water

DIS Fire Systems Manufacture the following products and systems to our clients:

  • Inert Gas Suppression Systems.(IG-541, IG-55, IG-01, Inergen)
  • 3M NOVEC 1230™ Gas Suppression Systems
  • FM200® (HFC-227ea) Gas Suppression Systems
  • Carbon Dioxide CO2 Suppression Systems
  • Australian Manufactured Pressure Relief Dampers and Venting Solutions
  • Medium / High Velocity Waterspray Systems
  • Low, Medium / High Pressure Watermist Systems
  • Low, Medium / High Expansion Foam Suppression Systems
  • Foam / Water monitors
  • Passive Fire Solutions
  • Kitchen Suppression Systems
  • Consulting services
  • Design & Engineering services
  • Project Management services
  • Design verification
  • Commissioning services
  • Annual Maintenance
  • Product after sales support

How can DIS Fire Systems help protect your business

DIS Fire Systems provide their services to customers by:
  • Working with clients to clearly outline requirements, outcomes and objectives
  • Scoping, managing and executing work in a cost and time effective manner whilst providing a practical and quality solution
  • Minimising customer costs by applying efficient and practical working practises
  • Using the experience of focused, competent and dedicated personnel
  • Maintaining a flexible, compliant and professional approach with our customers

Typical risks and solutions

Engineered gas suppression systems
IG-541, IG-55, IG-01, Inergen, C02, NOVEC 1230™ & FM200®
  • Switchrooms
  • Communications rooms
  • Server rooms
  • Data Centre's
  • Control rooms
  • Flammable goods store rooms
  • Printing presses
Pre-engineered gas suppression systems
FM200®, NOVEC 1230™, C02
  • In Cabinet systems
  • Server racks
  • Generator sets
  • Electrical control panels
  • PLCs
Water suppression systems
Medium / High velocity water, Low / High pressure mist.
  • Transformers
  • Storage Vessels
  • Lube oil rooms
  • Diesel driven generators
  • Gas Turbines
  • Road Tunnel protection
  • Ordinary Hazard sprinkler equivalent
Kitchen suppression systems
  • Pre engineered, Wet Chemical
  • Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
  • Watermist
Foam suppression systems
Low, Medium & High Expansion
  • Dangerous Goods Warehouses
  • Flammable Liquids storage tanks
  • Refueling depots
  • Aircraft hangars
  • Wharfs and ship berthing facilities
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